4 hours down 32 to go!

Well we’re just about at the 4 hour mark of the 36 hour Readathon! So far I’ve taken Baxter for a walk, had lunch, and finished the remaining 126 pages of The Queen and The Cure (#2 in The Bird and The Sword Chronicles) by Amy Harmon. Yet again another 5 star read by Amy Harmon. The unique characters and exotic lands she creates are just breathtaking, and her stories just sweep you up and melt away reality! I love when you take a chance on a new to you author and it turns out better than expected.

Next up on the TBR list is The Color of Rain by Cori McCarthy. I’ve picked this book to fulfill one of the June topics for my Book Club. We follow the BookRiot’s Read Harder Challenge every year, so the two topics we had picked for June (yes I’m a little behind) were a sci-fi novel with a female protagonist by a female author and an assigned book you hated (or never finished). Still trying to decide on the one that I hated (or never finished), as I rarely hate or DNF a book. Seeing as sci-fi isn’t a genre I’ve read a lot of I turned to a Dystopian book group on Facebook that I’ve recently joined, thanks to a invite from a new bookish friend Jill, and was overwhelmingly surprised with all of the fantastic suggestions I received. Of course I picked the one Jill recommended, but that didn’t really surprise me as I’m always adding to my ever growing gigantic TBR list every time she shares her new book hauls. Jill it’s all your fault and I love you for it! ❤

I’m off to adventure into a new story! Thanks for following my Readathon adventures, I’ll see you in a few more hours for another update. 🙂



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