Hi there! I’m Lauren and it’s so nice to meet you. Thanks for joining me at BooksnBites, where we’ll get to discover great reads and delicious food together! I honestly have two of the most enjoyable but hardest hobbies to manage while still leading a healthy life. There is nothing I love more than to neglect the chores of adulthood and let reality melt away as I transport into another land through the pages of a good book. There is also something about amazing food that just soothes my soul. Am I just crazy or do you feel that way too? I mean, you have to have some food or dish that immediately takes you to your happy place right? It’s all about balance though!


One of my dearest friends said to me once, “Why don’t you start a food blog and post all the dishes you make, or all the amazing food you go out and eat? Or even better, why don’t you combine the food and book aspects of your life?”. At the time I laughed and agreed in the way that really means, “yeah, like I have time for that! HAH”, but then it nagged at me in the corner of my mind. So here we are! I’m all about sharing what makes me happy in hopes it makes others happy too, so I can’t wait to connect with you or introduce you to something new that you’ll love too! There will definitely be no lack of variety, of the paper and edible kind. 🙂

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