New Month New Reads

Happy August! The last real month of summer, anticipation of kids going back to school and the last of the obnoxious heat we’ve been having! While some people take that last family vacation before the craze of school, sports, work life balance arrives, I’ll be adventuring through my TBR pile. Usually I don’t put much thought into what I’m going to read and just pick on a whim, but I thought I’d change it up and put together a pile. The book club reads are slightly unavoidable, but the plus side is we get to pick our own book as long as they fit with the topic for the month. I’m behind on a few topics, so this will be a good catch up month for me. Then I picked the “other” reads, ya know… the fun ones! Who am I kidding?! All my reads are fun.

For Book Club there are three topics that I’ll be completing this month. An assigned read that I never finished (In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez), a book of genre fiction in translation (The Bat by Jo Nesbo), and a book of colonial or postcolonial literature (The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King). Then I picked a Cozy Mystery, a Psychological Thriller, two fluffy Chic Lit books (about food of course), and another book in The Chronicles of Narnia. I’ll have my hands full, but I’m excited for all of these! Aren’t you? To all my Bookaholic friends and followers, do you plan your monthly TBR or just go with the flow? How about trying to make sure what you read has a wide diversity of genres? Drop a comment below and share! 🙂


** Fun Fall themes coming soon so stay tuned! **


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