Sunday Shenanigans

So this weekend I’ve been visiting my parents at home. I still call my childhood house home, do you? Even though I call my apartment home. I guess home is more of a relative term. Anyways, we’ve been having a blast! Mom and I did some shopping yesterday before we babysat my niece and nephew for a few hours. Boy the kids sure keep you busy!! There was lots of reading, and puzzles, and pretend fishing! We also wrangled some dinosaurs! Needless to say once it hit 10:00 pm I was utterly exhausted! No bedtime read for me! *gasp* I know, what’s wrong with me?! I did quite a bit of reading this morning in the tranquility of the house. The sounds of outside coming from the dining room where the deck door was open to the screen.

This weekend has also been another 36 hour readathon with my favorite bookish Facebook group, Bookaholic Cafe! I haven’t had a ton of reading time, but I’ve still jumped in with what I have read and participated in other people’s posts. I have 3 reads going concurrently, and am hoping to finish at least one of them this weekend. It will most likely be Afterlife by Marcus Sakey. It’s getting so intense!! I almost can’t take it. 😂 Afterlife is a fantastic Dystopian novel that brings into light string theory and multiverse ideas with a slight religious touch of the biggest question. What happens to us after death? Is there a Heaven and Hell, or some sort of Afterlife? The book makes you think, but also provides characters that you connect with and feel for, with that edge of your seat action. I’ve been needing a book like this! Thanks Amazon Kindle Unlimited!! 🤓

Now that my laundry is done and packed up in the car, it’s time to get back to reading. Baxter and I will be hanging out with my parents for a few more hours yet before hitting the road. Until next time and happy reading!

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