A day of rest

Sunday Funday!!!!!!!

What does that entail for you? For me it means binging Netflix and reading, all while snuggled up on my couch with Baxter! I’ve got salads and rotisserie chicken prepped to grab a healthy meal, and leftovers from the Tex Mex chicken burrito bowl I made earlier this week. Pre-prepped meals make for ideal reading. Less time preparing food and more time for reading! 😄 I deserve a day like this after working 6 days in a row, and yesterday being a double at the restaurant. I’m not going to lie, I am exhausted but it’s worth the extra income. So the plan is relax and read!

Today I’ve picked two shorter books to read, that I will most likely finish both Today. My picks are, The Witches by Roald Dahl and The Mist by Stephen King. One is a reread from childhood and the King book is a new read for me. The first book I’m going to start is The Mist, as I am a huge Stephen King fan and want to see how much better the book is from the movie.

At some point today I’ll have to run to the store to get dog food and some wrapping supplies for an upcoming 3rd Birthday party for my nephew. That will happen between reading though 😂 or tomorrow. There is reading to be done! Time for a cup of coffee and to dive into a book. Happy Reading! 🤓

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