First read of 2019

I sure started off the new year with a fantastic read! Picking my first read for a new year is always a challenge. I want to make sure I pick something that I know I’ll fall head over heels with, that has strong character development and lots of action. Ok and maybe a teeny bit of romance. I also wanted to pick something that has had a lot of hype and majority high reviews. I figured I couldn’t go wrong with the first of a YA Fantasy series that triggered the author to write an entire universe around it, and that led to one of my favorite freeform tv shows!

****warning spoilers below, if you haven’t read the rest of the books or seen the show beware****

I ended up reading City of Bones : The Mortal Instruments Book One by Cassandra Clare, and I could not have picked a better read for my first read of 2019!! Some of my closest friends recommended it to me, as it’s one of their favorites. I am now hooked and plan to read every book in the Shadowhunters Universe! Well done Cassandra Clare, well done! 👏🏻 I finished the book last night and every few pages I kept hopping on Facebook trying to prolong the inevitable. Alas, I finished and I hugged the book to my chest and sighed. It’s been a while since a book gave me that kind of reaction. I am just itching to find out if Clary will save her mother, if they will recover the Mortal cup, and if Clary will fall into love with Simon it will Jace really end up being her brother! (I really want Jace and Clary to be together so I’ll really be devastated if they are in fact siblings).

Now I have an expectation that the next book I read for 2019 must be equally as good of a read. So, for my second read of 2019 I’ve picked The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. We shall see how this one goes!!

Happy Reading!! 🤓

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