Favorite snacks

Do you ever get a craving for something to eat, just a small something though, not a big meal. Like a snack! Sometimes I just want something to munch on while I watch a movie or while I’m reading. Do you have a go to snack? Or are you like me and you put together whatever is handy?

Sometimes I like to make a bowl of sea salt and lime skinny pop, or grab a small bowl of some peanut butter m&ms. Those are my easy grab n go snacks. Sometimes I get fancy though. My first Readathon ever I made a jalapeño and raspberry preserve cheese and cracker plate. Holy Moly it was fantastic! Other times I like to slice a cucumber, add a dollop of hummus and a half of black olive.

I had Book Club this morning around brunch time, so I ate a big brunch. I knew I wouldn’t want a big dinner and then my snack craving hit. Couldn’t be more perfect! So I was rummaging around in my kitchen and I remembered I had some crackers and some fancy cheese, champagne cheddar to be exact! So, cheers to you and now I have a delicious snack to much on while I read.

My current read is called Eternal Youth by Alexander Williams. I was recommended this read by a fellow reader in one of the many Facebook groups I participate in, and I can say that it is definitely keeping me interested! I am eager to see how the stories of the girls that have been introduced so far play out and see if the mystery of the missing girls can be solved! Off to keep reading, Cheers!!

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