A review of Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Excuse me while I stumble around in my brain for appropriate words right now. I’m speechless, but for all good reasons! Caraval is a book of adventure, romance, mystique and a little danger. But don’t believe everything you hear and see, for you don’t want to get too swept away in the game you might go crazy!

I read this book in 24 hours and if that doesn’t speak volumes then I’m not sure what does. Caraval is one of the most captivating, magical, thrilling books I have ever read and has quickly nudged it’s way into the top of my favorites list. I could feel my heart beat speed up with the tense and emotional parts, and my brain was all muddled with the twists and turns of the game. It was so much fun to keep reading and try to figure out if someone was Legend, or if Scarlett would get all the clues and save Tella. I wish I could have a chance to play the game of Caraval, but maybe I’ll feel differently after I read the 2nd book, Legendary. It sounds like Master Legend might have upped his game. 😉

If you’re looking for a wild ride, in a mysterious world then this is the book for you… no ticket needed! Just keep your arms and legs safely inside the ride and don’t stop reading! 🤓

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