Artificial Intelligence or Alien Invasion?

What would you do if you woke up one morning to your loved one missing from the house, only to find them completely zoned out in an almost trance like state walking down the road and completely unresponsive to all attempts to get a reaction from them? Sounds scary but intriguing right? That is what immediately hooked me on Wanderers by Chuck Wendig, and as I kept reading I fell further and further down the rabbit hole.


I received an Advanced Reader Copy ebook edition of Wanderers from NetGalley and I never realized how big this book was (800 pages!!!). I can tell you that the length of the book was not noticeable while reading the story because the journey of the “sleepwalkers” just swept you up. My mind was constantly thinking what it could be that was affecting the “sleepwalkers”. Was it some sort of sleeping sickness similar but different enough to what I read about in The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker ? Or is it little bots that take over the person’s brain, or perhaps an Alien invasion?? All I knew was I HAD to keep reading to find out.

I really enjoyed how the different story lines of each important character were intertwined and eventually connected. Definitely one of the better scifi books I’ve read in a while. Artificial intelligence machines built by secret scientific agencies, the CDC top teams who study crazy viruses all over the world, and the thought of alien invasion will always peak my curiosity and get my heart racing. If you’re looking for a good Scifi book that will keep you thinking then I definitely recommend Wanderers by Chuck Wendig!!

NetGalley ARCs haven’t disappointed me yet, and I am so grateful to get a chance to read books before they are released to the public! On to the next, it’s a busy reading month. Happy Reading friends!! 🙂

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