Weekend Readathon Update 1

Good Morning and Happy Saturday!!! The sun is shining here and it is a glorious fall day! So far I’m really happy with my progress for the Weekend Readathon. Last night I was able to finish the last hour of my audiobook of Girl Of Nightmares by Kendare Blake, and the last 14% of my eARC of The Shrike & The Shadows by Chantal Gadoury + A.M. Wright. Then, I promptly fell asleep on the couch and woke up at 11pm all confused and out of sorts.

This morning I made a huge pot of coffee and enjoyed some cups with my pumpkin pie spice coffee creamer. 😋☕️

Next, I made breakfast and updated my Bullet Journal as I finished reading Paper Girls Vol 1, which I absolutely loved!! While I’m writing this post I’m trying to decide if I want to continue with Slasher Girls & Monster Boys Anthology, or continue with Slender Man by Anonymous. Hmmm….

I suppose it would be more beneficial to end my update and just pick up a book and start reading. 😂😄 I’ll check back in later tonight! I do have to run to the store at some point today to get a few things to cook dinner. Talk to you soon!

Back to my books and Happy Reading!! 🤓

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