ARCs Galore and More!

Hello friends! I’m back with news! I hope you all are doing well, we’ve finally had the first snowfall of the year and I love it! Baxter has made sure to shove his face in every square inch, coming out with a snow beard every time. We can finally snuggle up in warm blankets with tea and spend the weekends reading without feeling guilty about wasting nice weather days inside! πŸ˜ƒ It’s so cozy and perfect for enjoying lots of reading! Ok, let’s get to my news!!!

First up is that I am no longer in a book slump. Yaaayyyy!!! Thanks to finishing Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo, I am reading all the wonderful books again. This was a perfect book to suck me in and get me obsessively reading again. Thank god, because an almost two month slump was torture. Plus now I’m behind schedule, but I’ll make due!

I’ll post my review of Ninth House soon! I have quite a few books to review here, so I’ll most likely do a post of multiple reviews and keep them short. A review blitz, Ohhh I like the sound of that! πŸ˜‰

Until then, my second bit of news is that I have been receiving ARCs like crazy!!! Between blog tours and Bookish First, and now being a #partner for Celadon Books I am just so incredibly excited to bring you sneak peeks of books coming soon!!

My most recent ARC that I received from #CeladonBooks #ReadGoodBoy , is Good Boy : My Life in Seven Dogs a memoir by Jennifer Finney Boylan

I am really hoping to read this book this weekend. I’m feeling the urge to read a heartwarming book about dogs that will give me all the feels! It’s a fairly short book too, which is perfect for Readathon weekends. I know, I know, you’re probably asking yourself “Isn’t she always doing a Readathon on the weekends?”. It feels like that sometimes but I usually only have them once or twice a month.

Other ARCs I’ve been receiving are ones that I’ve won or earned from a website called Bookish First. I’ve won 2 physical ARCs so far, 1 I have already and 1 is on it’s way! I also was able to redeem points for an ARC!

  • Shark’s Edge by Angel Payne & Victoria Blue
  • Followers by Megan Angelo
  • The Animals at Lockwood Manor by Jane Healey (not pictured as it’s on it’s way!)

So, thank you so very much to everyone who has sent me an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of all of these books! To my readers, stay tuned for reviews and for my upcoming Blog Tour posts on Monday November 18th for A Princess Plan by Julia London, and on Sunday November 24th for Day Zero by Kelley DeVos! I am super excited to read all of these books! πŸ“š

Ok friends, I’m off to finish my current read of The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater! Happy Reading and have a lovely Saturday! πŸ€“

3 thoughts on “ARCs Galore and More!

  1. That’s funny that you came out of your slump with Ninth House. I’ve just fallen into a slump and can’t seem to pick up Ninth House!!

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