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Hi friends, and welcome back to my final stop on the 2020 Summer Reads Blog Tour with Harlequin. This stop is for She’s Faking It by Kristin Rockaway and what a great book to end the summer tour program with! I really hit the jackpot with my choices for summer reading, especially with She’s Faking It. Harlequin really puts such lovely tours together and it’s so hard not to sign up for every book offered. I hope you enjoy this post, and maybe even add to your TBR list.

She’s Faking It 



Trade Paperback | Graydon House Books 

On Sale: 6/30/2020 



$19.99 CAN


You can’t put a filter on reality.

Bree Bozeman isn’t exactly pursuing the life of her dreams. Then again, she isn’t too sure what those dreams are. After dropping out of college, she’s living a pretty chill life in the surf community of Pacific Beach, San Diego…if “chill” means delivering food as a GrubGetter, and if it means “uneventful”.

But when Bree starts a new Instagram account — @breebythesea — one of her posts gets a signal boost from none other than wildly popular self-help guru Demi DiPalma, owner of a lifestyle brand empire. Suddenly, Bree just might be a rising star in the world of Instagram influencing. Is this the direction her life has been lacking? It’s not a career choice she’d ever seriously considered, but maybe it’s a sign from the universe. After all, Demi’s the real deal… right?

Everything is lining up for Bree: life goals, career, and even a blossoming romance with the chiseled guy next door, surf star Trey Cantu. But things are about to go sideways fast, and even the perfect filter’s not gonna fix it. Instagram might be free, but when your life looks flawless on camera, what’s the cost?


Kristin Rockaway is a native New Yorker with an insatiable case of wanderlust. After working in the IT industry for far too many years, she traded the city for the surf and chased her dreams out to Southern California, where she spends her days happily writing stories instead of software. When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son, and planning her next big vacation.


 Facebook: /KristinRockaway

Twitter: @KristinRockaway

Instagram: @KristinRockway 




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My Review –

My initial impression was that Bree was an absolute train wreck in the most hilarious way! Then as I kept reading I was able to start see past her flippant exterior and see more into her character. I loved the theme of the book, as I feel anything social media centered is extremely relatable to the majority. I know that it definitely hit home for me, and made me think about my intention with what I post and focus on with my social media accounts. I’ve never been one to care about follower count, although I do know some people who are obsessed with it. Watching Bree on her bumpy journey was a treat, and the ending made me so very happy. Corny, I know, but that’s the purpose of these cute romance stories! This was a fantastic read, meaningful with a great touch of humor. I highly recommend this read to anyone in their mid 20s to mid 30s as it will be more relatable to that age range, but enjoyable to any reader regardless.

Positive Vibes and Happy Reading!

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