The Twenty – Review

Happy Friday everyone!! We have fake summer again here in Western, NY. It’s going to be 80 degrees Fahrenheit and I’m not complaining. I love that warmer weather is creeping in, and gives me the opportunity to start visiting my local breweries for a pint with my book!! Or, I just got a new inflatable lounger for some courtyard reading! Check this out….

The set up for it is hilarious! You have to open one of the tunnel ends and run to fill it with air, and repeat for the other side. It’s fairly easy to do, and very comfortable seating! I’m definitely looking forward to enjoying being outside more during the evenings and weekends at my apartment this year!

Ok, I got side tracked, but had to share! So we’re really here for my review of The Twenty by Sam Holland. This is book 2 in the Major Crimes series, which can be read as standalone but you’ll miss some of the background if you read out of order. Book 1 was The Echo Man, which I read and loved last year (2022). Both books are equally as good, if you enjoy a dark crime thriller featuring gritty crime scenes and serial killers!

Here’s the synopsis for The Twenty…

When DCI Adam Bishop arrives at the crime scene in the dead of night, the sight of the body is bad enough—but what Adam notices next chills him to his core. More bodies surface. And the spray-painted numbers daubed above the corpses reveal the horrific truth: the killer is counting down. But to what end?

Adam has no idea—until Dr. Romilly Cole knocks on his door with damning evidence pointing to a series of murders twenty five years earlier—a case she knows intimately from her past. Now, it’s personal—and the next knock on his door could be fatal.

Sounds dark and twisty, right?! Gosh it was just so good. And, if you’re an audiobook listener I highly recommend the story that way!

My Review….

Sam Holland is a rockstar of Psychological Thriller/Crime Fiction. The brutal, horrifying descriptions of the victims and the killer’s motive and technique are gritty and captivating. If it were a movie I’d not be able to look away. The fast paced plot grabs a hold of you, and keeps you locked in to the very end. The Twenty was just as good as The Echo Man, and I am so excited for more books in this series. Auto Buy author for sure!

If you’ve made it this far, then thank you so so much for reading my ramblings and review! I hope I’ve inspired a few of you to give Sam Holland’s books a try. Until my next review, take care!!

Positive Vibes & Happy Reading!

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