Past, Current, Future reads

Almost halfway through the week! Yippee!! So I did not finish the two books I wanted to over the weekend but that’s ok. I spent some much needed time with one of my dearest friends on Sunday. We went out to lunch at Aladdin’s in Pittsford, NY right on the Erie Canal. It was a gorgeous day with sun and a nice breeze. We enjoyed our spanakopita and fresh falafels, she had a chicken salad and I had a chicken pita. The food was delicious, as always! Aladdin’s is one of my favorite places to get fantastic Mediterranean food. Oh and Saturday night at Silk O’Loughlin’s Irish pub right on Lake Ontario’s waterway Saturday night was a blast! Some coworkers met me out for drinks and a bite while we listened to my friend AJ’s band JAWS play some classic rock and popular 80’s and 90’s tunes. They sounded amazing and it was a beautiful night on the lake.

Sometimes you can’t sit home all weekend and read! 😂

Ok let’s get down to the nitty gritty of Past, Current, Future Reads! I think this will be my new Tuesday tradition. So my past read was The Favorite Sister by Jessica Knoll, which I gave 3 out of 5 stars. This book was mildly entertaining, about five young millennial women who are hyper-successful and agree to do a reality tv show called Goal Diggers. The three main women that the story bounces between are Brett, Kelly and Stephanie. Brett and Kelly are sisters, so typical sister drama there which gets hyped even more when Kelly and her 12 yr old daughter get brought onto the show for the newest season. Stephanie was Brett’s “best friend” but they are currently fighting, which is the main storyline. I felt confused at times because it jumps between Kelly int he current day doing an interview about her sister’s death, and the events leading up to it. Just felt a little choppy, and like I was reading the equivalent of watching real housewives reality tv. Needless to say, not my cup of tea. I did do this book on audio, and the narrators were fantastic.

My current read is How to Eat a Cupcake by Meg Donohue, and so far about 100 pages in and it is an adorable story that makes me want to eat all the cupcakes! I can’t wait to continue with this one and see how the deflated friendship between Julia and Annie turns out. Will starting their cupcakery together rekindle their childhood relationship to be inseparable again, or will they never settle their differences? Also, I NEED to know what this horrible secret is that Julia is keeping from her fiancé, Wes. To be continued…..

Future reads, well now I have a few! I’ve joined two group reads starting September first and those books are 1) A Man Called Ove by Frederick Bachman and 2) An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena. I’m extremely excited to read both of these, as they seem to have excellent reviews across multiple sources. I also plan to read two more of my Library books (at the same time as the other books) which are The Cake Therapist by Judith Fertig and Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell which is a highly rated new Psychological Thriller that released April 2018. Then She Was Gone is on my Kindle on loan through my Library from the Libby app. It’s due back in 15 days so I’ll be reading that one at a quicker pace, or at least trying to!

What are you currently reading? What are you looking forward to reading next? Have you read some of my books mentioned? Please feel free to post a comment and you can always follow my instagram that is full of books and my dog Baxter, @lkelsen913. Until next time, Happy Reading! 🤓

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