Rereads and favorite meals

I can’t believe it’s Monday and that the day is almost over already! Weekends fly by and time in general goes even faster. I guess that would be where I could insert the infamous bookish phrase, “So many books, so little time.”, but is that too cliche? Just kidding!

Over the weekend I revisited some favorites of mine, both of the page (book) and of the land (food). We had a very cold, blustery Sunday so I snuggled up and dove into the classic King novel, The Shining, and made a pot of my delicious venison stew! Boy, I couldn’t have planned that better. Nothing like a hearty meal to keep you warm while the book chills your bones. Stephen King really is the master of Horror novels!

Saturday night was creamy crockpot chicken and rice. While I was sitting on my couch with a plate piled with chicken and rice, and my beloved King book in hand, I had a thought of making this a Saturday night tradition from now on. Dinner and a book, instead of movie. I would much rather spend my night with a literary masterpiece playing in my mind as my eyes speed over the words than watch a movie, especially if a homemade meal is involved.

I’m totally geeking over my new Saturday night tradition, and hopefully it’ll get me cooking and reading more. I might even start pairing my meals to match the book I’m currently reading at the time…. hmmm genius? I think so!

Well I have to get back to the Overlook Hotel and check in to see if Danny’s nightmares that Tony shows him really will come true. I have some reviews coming up soon of books I’ve recently read, so stay tuned!

Happy Reading friends! 🤓

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