Review of milk and honey by Rupi Kaur

Hello! Welcome, welcome! This weekend I’m participating in another Readathon… SURPRISE!!! But not really 😂 I chose a book of poetry as my first read for a few reasons. 1) I needed to complete a topic from the 2019 Book Riot Read Harder Challenge, a collection of poetry published since 2014. 2) I wanted a quick read to help get me in the mood for reading. Lastly, 3) I have had this book on my Kindle forever and finally decided to read it.

What I liked:

So I really enjoyed that the book of poems was split up into three categories to really display the author’s works in the best lineup. Rupi Kaur’s writing is very profound and really spoke to me. There were poems that I could really relate to, and then there were some that I don’t relate to but might later in life. I think that she really wrote something for everyone, and because of that I would definitely recommend Milk and Honey to every woman I know, and even some men. I think it would be great to give them some perspective and insight. I also thought that her illustrations added something extra to the poems they accompanied. I would love to see her artwork in person someday.

What I didn’t care for :

It isn’t really much to do with Rupi Kaur’s poems or writing style or the book itself, but my lack of knowledge about poetry. I feel like once I become better educated with different poetry styles and authors I will definitely revisit Milk and Honey in hopes to appreciate it even more. Other than that, I gave this book a 4/5 Star rating on Goodreads and am so happy I finally read it!!!

Happy Reading friends! 🤓

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