What to eat Wednesday….a day late

Heyyyyy there! 😊 So I’m a day late getting this post up due to my body commandeering my consciousness last night. I was comfy on my couch watching Netflix, and next thing I know I’m waking up and it’s bed time! 😱😬 Yes, yes, you heard me correctly…. I was watching Netflix and not reading. *GASP* Even I take a little break from reading every once in a blue moon. I did manage to get a few hours of my audio book in at work. I’m listening to Start With Why by Simon Sinek. So far I’m enjoying it and am finding it very interesting and motivating.

Last night I had the hardest time deciding what to eat. I was running through the options in my head, a GF sandwich, breakfast for dinner, a kale salad, and then I remembered there was a new-ish Indian food restaurant near my office. Win!! I decided to swing by there on my way home. It is called Naan-Tastic and is set up kind of in the style of Chipotle or Moe’s, where you tell them what you want (wrap, bowl, or Naan Taco) and then hit the register at the end. The restaurant was very clean and inviting, music not too loud and the staff were all smiles and very personable! Nothing worse than a grumpy food service rep, but you won’t get that at Naan-Tastic!!!

So the big decision….. do I go GF wrap, bowl or Taco Naan….hmmm 🤔 Bowl, of course! I chose turmeric rice for my base, went with the lamb, and added chopped cucumbers, red onion, fresh diced tomato, fresh chopped cilantro, chickpeas and their Punjabi Mac (a vegan and GF Mac salad). For the sauce I went with the spicy vindaloo sauce. (9% of their menu items are gluten free, and they have great options for vegans)

Holy Moly!!! 🤤🤤🤤 That was some of the best Indian food I’ve ever eaten! Everything was very fresh and perfectly cooked and seasoned. The sauce had a great kick to it and the Punjabi Mac has great texture and flavor. I will definitely be eating here again, especially for the great low cost of $7.99 for a make your own bowl!!! (Also easy to eat if you’re reading!😂)

Two thumbs up for Naan-Tastic!!! So happy we have this great place to eat nearby. For anyone who is local, you must go eat here!!!! Ok, well I really should be starting my work day, so have a great day everyone and remember…. tomorrow is Friday! Happy Reading! 🤓

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