Review- Night Warden by Amber R Duell

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First off, I just want to rave about how amazing this trilogy is as a whole. It’s been a really long time since I needed, not wanted but needed, to binge a series. I could not wait to devour these books while, but especially Night Warden. I didn’t think it was possible for each book to be better than the one before it but they are! Amber R Duell has blown me away with The Dark Dreamer series! Never did I ever think I’d fall in love with The Sandman as a character, and yet here I have! So many of my favorite tropes are in this series such as Dark vs Light and the balance, hate to love characters, and soulmate romance. I just want to hug these books so tight to my chest and never let them go!

Description –

“The Nightmare Lord has fallen.The usurper, beaten.
Now darker forces rise.

Nora accepted her role as the Lady of Nightmares. With the Nightmare Kail at her side, she’s even managed to excel, but past mistakes refuse to stay quiet. Not only is the Weaver narrating Nora’s every move, but Mara—the Ancient that hitched a ride back to the Nightmare Realm—is intent on opening the Ever Safe. The Sandman is doing his best to plan Mara’s defeat, but secrets threaten to tear everything apart.

In the thrilling conclusion to the Dark Dreamer trilogy, Nora and the Sandman must face old friends, dead enemies, and new betrayal if they’re going to keep the Ever Safe shut. If they fail, both the Day and Night Worlds will descend into darkness. ” 

My Review- This book swallowed me heart and soul right through to the end! I never imagined the end to a trilogy could be as amazing as this one, but it really happened! The emotion and heartache between Nora and Sandman in this one caught me holding my breath during certain scenes, realizing my own heart ached too. Kail was definitely a hate to love character, and always will be! Without him this book wouldn’t be the same. I really enjoyed the personal struggle within Nora, how to deal with coming to terms with the fact The Weaver is still alive and tied to her, deal with her family, deal with Mare aka Mara, and deal with her sister being stubborn and insisting on still being in her life. I am beyond words with how much I love this book, as it’s so beautifully written and dark and romantic. This entire trilogy is a huge 5 star rating from me!!! Pick it up right now and read it!!

Please let me know if you’ve read any of these books, Dark Dreamer/Dark Consort/Night Warden, and what you thought of then! If you haven’t and they peak your interest then I highly recommend!! These were all ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reads for me!

Thanks for stopping by for another of my reviews! I’ll have some more coming soon!

Positive Vibes and Happy Reading!

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