Chaos and Destiny – Cover Reveal

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Hello, I’m back!! You’re getting a two-fer Today, you lucky ducks. I’m super excited to be a party of the cover reveal party for Chaos and Destiny : Fae Rising #2 by Miranda Lyn. I had the pleasure of meeting Miranda on Instagram through my engagement group, and have quickly come to consider her a bookish friend. Miranda is the sweetest, and is so fun to talk to as I read her books. So a bigggg THANK YOU to Miranda for inviting me to be a part of this process and read the books before they are released. I am so loving in sharing your journey with you, and can’t wait for book 3!!

Today we are celebrating the Cover Reveal for Chaos and Destiny, which is the sequel to Blood and Honor : Fae Rising #1 by Miranda Lyn. Y’all, this cover is GORGEOUS!! I mean, every cover of this serious is stunning so far. This book is now available for pre-order on Barnes and Noble OR Amazon, in e-book, paperback and Hardcover.

If you haven’t read, or heard of this series then I highly recommend picking up the first book, Blood and Honor. Here’s the blurb!

In the land of fae, you’re either the hunter or the hunted.

Ara, a high fae in the Court of Marsh, was trained since birth to kill. When it comes down to it, can she sever the tendrils of her morality and do it? After being taken prisoner by the sea queen, she manages an escape riddled with questions, only to arrive home to absolute heartbreak. Discovering everything she knew to be a lie, she sets out on a dangerous journey to learn the truth of her upbringing. But when the hunters begin to come for her, she realizes she isn’t the only one that will need her lethal skills.

Meanwhile, Temir, a lesser fae in the vicious Court of Wind, hates no one more than himself. Gifted with the magic of healing and therefore protected from the prejudices befallen the rest of the lesser fae, he is smothered beneath the firm hand of the northern king. But when he makes a discovery that could change the world, he must decide, produce the serum and convince the one he is falling in love with to run away with him and his beloved mentor or let fear suppress him into defeat.

One high fae. One lesser fae. One goal. Find a way to fight back.

For fans of adventure, battle toughened fae, budding romance, and glory-destined heroines comes the first novel in the Fae Rising trilogy. If you enjoy authors like Holly Black and Sarah J Maas, you won’t want to miss the beginning of this thrilling adventure.

If you’re on Goodreads, feel free to check out my review for Blood and Honor. I hope you check it out, it was by far one of my favorite reads of 2020, and I just know Chaos and Destiny will be in my Top 10 for 2021.
Lauren Kelsen’s review of Chaos and Destiny | Goodreads

Thank you so much for stopping by for the Cover Reveal!! I hope this is a book series that interests you, I promise you won’t be disappointed!! If you’re on Instagram please stop by my page @booksnbites13 and Miranda’s page @authormirandalyn Tomorrow and give some love! 🙂

Positive Vibes & Happy Reading!!

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